MOLD-BRAIN is a high-quality USB memory device, housed in a custom-molded plastic package, that is easily and securely attached within a machined pocket on plastic injection molds, gauges, stamping dies, etc.

MOLD-BRAIN allows you to store mold specifications, drawings and maintenance records on the mold itself. Streamline engineering change processes, avoiding lost or misplaced documentation, especially with international production sites.

  • Quick access to mold documentation.
  • Local storage of maintenance logs for QS/ISO documentation.
  • Secure on-site storage of original part measurement reports, process parameter sheets, etc.
  • Available in 2GB and 4GB capacities.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OSX (appears as an external disk drive).
  • Can store any type of document/file.
  • Connects to PC/laptop with supplied (male-female) USB cable.
  • Can be updated easily without any special software.